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Niverplast develops innovative film concepts to protect and transport a wide range of products. The operations are concentrated on the internal logistical process. Specific knowledge of the internal logistical process is the basis for most Niverplast solutions. Intensive co-operation with customers is of course of the utmost importance. When you run a reliable business, you must be able to focus on your main duties without compromising the internal logistical process. In this regard Niverplast can be a great help with efficient and cost effective solutions to effectively protect and transport your products. It is our aim to offer you a decisive logistical lead on your competitors. Niverplast has the knowledge, participation, anticipation and understanding, more than any other company in the industry.

Choosing Niverplast is consciously selecting film products of the highest quality. Of utmost importance is leadership in high quality solutions for Business-to-Business companies - a distinguishing 'drive' our customers immediately recognize. Our speciality is an absolute prerequisite for your success. Niverplast guarantees top-class products and… top-class specialists. Enthusiastic experts which know your line of business to the core and can transform your needs into a logistical lead for your business in a professional way, before a set deadline, and within a fixed budget. Your benefit? A logistical lead which has a powerful effect on your competitiveness.

It is highly recommended that you consider the unique opportunities Niverplast can offer your business. You will find that our ideas are often inspiring. If you have noticed that your logistical problems sometimes offer big opportunities, then we can help...